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utorrent cuts internet connection HELP.


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Hi guys, in need of some serious help.

Ive been using utorrent for some time now, and just recently everytime i use utorrent my internet connection on my pc gets cut off after differing periods of time. Sometimes its an hour, others its a couple of hours.

It used to work fine, nothing has changed except for utorrent updates.

The pc im downloading from is using a wireless connection from another computer connected to a router+modem. Ports are forwarded, everything has been set as a followed a great guide when i first set up.

I have tired lowering incoming connections, but no use.

Please help!!

Thanks guys!

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I think I had the same problem. Everything was great then I upgraded to 1.7.7. Then it would work for a few minutes but soon my inet connection would crawl to a halt and utorrent would begin responding very slowly.

After determining it was uTorrent and not my junk telephone line or DSL and reading the guide recommended above I realized that when I installed the new uTorrent I gave it the same port I had forwarded for the old version but left UPnP enabled. When I disabled that everything went back to normal.

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