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Regarding 'Add New Torrent'


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Hi all,

I've noticed something that has been annoying me for a while now. When adding a new torrent to be downloaded, a window pops up that lets you select what files in the torrent you'd like to download.

In version 1.7.2, these were sorted by folder, with a folder icon next to them. For example, the torrent had:

- Folder 1 (containing pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg)

- Folder 2 (containing pic3.jpg, pic4.jpg)

Now, using 1.7.7, it looks like this:





The interface of the Add New Torrent window has lost all "folder view's" so to speak.

It has become VERY annoying when you're opening a large torrent with many different videos in different folders, but they're all bunched together with no folder structure whatsoever.

Can someone explain why a user friendly feature like it was in 1.7.2 was removed for 1.7.7?

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