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Can't get the green light!!

Ned Zissou

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I'm having trouble getting the green icon to work on my utorrent. I have tried forwarding the port following all of the directions given yet it still won't change. Although it says I am hosting for utorrent on my computer, everytime I check if the port is forwarded it says that it is not. I am using a 2-wire modem model 2700hg-e. I have tried turning off both the windows firewall and my telus security firewall which was provided by my internet supplier.

Basically I am still able to use utorrent and it is working ok. At first the connection speeds are reasonable about 30 to 80 k for downloading and uploading is working too. However after a while, maybe one hour, it slowly drops off until I am hardly getting anything. The other problem is it is killing my internet connection for web browsing. After a brief amount of time using utorrent I can't use any of my web browser.

I don't get it?? what can I do to get the green light on and resolve these issues?


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