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uTorrent main window moving to secondary display


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I got uTorrent starting up with Vista (Business 64-bit) and minimizing itself to task bar. The problem I currently have is that when I restore the main window it has moved itself to my secondary display (TV) thus every boot or every time I close and restart uTorrent I need to move the main window back to my primary screen (LCD).

Is there a way to reset it so that it will always come up to primary screen?

Some info about the system:

Vista Business 64-bit, SP1 not yet installed

8800GTS with LCD on DVI-1 and TV on DVI-2

Set as Dualview on NVIDIA control panel.

Edit: Running uTorrent 1.8 Beta Build 8912

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err? Interesting. Here's a hack which may work. Get Ultima's B.F.E. below. http://xrl.us/BackupSettings Read.me for BFE, open settings.dat for uT. Remove .fileguard sub-root key. Remove mainwnd sub-root key. Save. Start up uT. Check Logger tab if it loaded correctly.

Try minimize again :/ The *wnd keys hold the placement data. this includes the rss dialog, add torrent dialog and I think the create torrent dialog. So deleting this causes uT to re-create it upon opening. I recall reading about display issues active/inactive display... is your TV to the left of your LCD?

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