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[skin] Cartoon Hell


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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice 3D set of colours :D

Is there any way for you to (or do you know of a way to) create an icon which only has that alpha channel... so it doesn't necessarily have any defined colour? It only takes the background colour but morphs it with the alpha channel creating a 3D object which mixes seamlessly?

Edit: forgot to update post with orbs so here they are:



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  • 4 weeks later...

... If someone else knows your "password" for that file can't you change it? If not, be sure noone's exploiting the skins.php page. I don't see why anyone even bothers, but that was the toolbar which was uploaded 3 extra times><

OT: Ultima, you removed the Official Ncore skin.... >< The newer one is usually the dupe, not the older.

Edit: Nevermind, my computer was being slow loading skins.php :P

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