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Is My Current uTorrent Setup Safe from Detection?


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Answer is No. Don't even have to look at the screenshot.

There is no protection from detection.

Encryption is only to try to circumvent throttling. Throttling is done by computers and computers employ mechanics that can be fooled. People on the other hand are not easily fooled.

When your ISP sends you a message about illegal downloading its either because they received one from someone else or they inspected your traffic themselves.

1) ignore the emails from your ISP or

2) simply do not breach your contract with them by using the connection for illegal activity.

Btw only written (as in not eletronic) registered mailed warnings count. And if they wanna close you down based on some email they got from warner bros or something tell them they better be ready to have the actual prove ready because the word of such a company is word jack in any court and thus cannot be used as based to cancel an subscription.

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It should be noted The Lord is not legal counsel so the advice is not meant as such.

Bittorrent is not anonymous. No matter what you use: Proxy VPN or anonymizer (people are killing tor this way).SOMEONE may track the IP address you use to download whether you are directly connected to peers (best/cheapest idea) or if you route through a proxy and tor (DO NOT DO THIS, it makes the unstable tor network more unstable). If you should not be downloading what it is you are downloading then don't. If you do, be advised people in your country who follow the rule of $$ will prevail if it suits them.

This is the world we live in.

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