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Upload loss


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448 kbps up

4768 kbps down

uTorrent upload limited at 35k

Global max connections: 250

Max number of connected peers per torrent: 90

Number of slots per torrent: 4

DHT enabled

Limit local peer bandwidth enabled

I dont know if this problem I'm having is related to the failed hash checks recently, but after leaving utorrent for a couple hours, I've come back and have noticed that my upload speed is all over the place as opposed to remaining at a consistent 35k which I've set it at. So as a result my download speeds are very low.

First time I'm seeing this problem. I've only started using utorrent for a couple days and its been fine usually. I realised I had no protection so I recently loaded an ipfilter (an old list which I downloaded from openmedia, as bluetack's links dont work), so maybe that's having an affect? I've also taken out the ipfilter and used Peerguardian2 but the upload has remained wacky and at times almost non-existent.

I've got a green tick so I'm portforwarded correctly.

Any ideas on the situation? ISP trickery going on maybe? I've used Emule for the last 5 years and havent had any trouble from the ISP before. Any idea on where to find a good ipfilter too?

Thanks for any help.

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The best ipfilter is the one you make yourself (searching on here will give you some charged threads to read).

If you cannot upload consistently @ 35 KiBps, first be sure you can even hit that with no downloading going on.

After you establish your safe uploading speed through a consistent horizontal line in the Speed tab over the 5 or 30 second interval... you can add downloading into the equation. A good rule of thumb is change the upload by 10% at a time to see where the numbers get good.

It's also useful to note people start the reverse way sometimes.... with a fast torrent like OpenOffice torrents or Slackware torrents and then add an swarm which already knows about them and increase the upload until their download falls then back it off 1 or 2 KiB.

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So after a bit more fiddling, I took out the ipfilter.dat, and turned PG2 on again, this time I allowed HTTP, and now utorrent is back to normal. I dont mind having http allowed as it was slowing down browsing and I have a decent firewall and anti-malware software running, so long as PG2 blocks up-to-date ips and allows utorrent to upload normally, I'm fine with that.

Thanks for the help.

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