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BitComet "Rolls Back" To v.59


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BitComet .60 was released on September 8, 2005. The release was a minor upgrade from .59, which contained two significant improvements. BitComet .59, release on June 8th of this year, supported Mainline DHT and recognition of a 'private' key. These two developments would pave the way for a series of banishments from several private BitTorrent trackers.

Although BitComet was banned from a limited number of private trackers before the release of .60, the pace began to pick up in earnest during the last few months. Within a span of several weeks, UKNova, ScT, Midnight Torrents and TorrentIt.com all banned BitComet .60 from participating on their trackers.

These private trackers implement a tight control on who can and cannot participate on their private networks. Ratios are strictly enforced, and only those who belong to the tracker via registration can download and share .torrents.


Seems that dozens of private tracker owners were right after all.

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