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Repeat error: Failure to re-locate finished files.


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Hello, I'm new here, and it's quite a sad feeling that my first post has to be a bug report.

Here's the detailed problem:

I have two partitions on the same drive (or, for all µTorrent purposes, two different drives). When I can afford the space, I have my torrents set to be MOVED to a set location on drive D when they're finished. When not, I disable the option, and sometimes download stuff to drive C.

Thing is, sometimes I forget to disable the option when I'm downloading stuff on drive C, and when it's done, only parts of the file are moved to the location on drive D, even if there's more than enough space to waste (moving a 463MB batch to a drive with more than 6GB of free space should be no problem, right?).

Here comes the problem: When said downloads are done, only the stuff that's being seeded at that specific instant is moved to the special location on the secondary drive/partition (read: for batch torrents, only the files currently being shared are COPIED -- not even moved -- while the others aren't even touched), while µTorrent keeps open handles on the files and folders on BOTH ends. Worse yet, if I try closing µTorrent, the process visually disappears, but still appears active on the processes list (Task Manager, or better yet, Process Explorer). Logging off and back on again does not solve the problem, as µTorrent still shows up hanging after logging out, making the only possible solution to close it permanently a complete restart.

This is a consistent situation that happens every time I download stuff on a different partition/drive. Is this a known bug, an intended behavior, or something entirely different? You guys might want to check that out.

If needed, I can provide for more details on the problem, and how to reproduce it.

In any case, it'd be nice for you to address this issue, at least with a response. Anyways, thanks for your time, and keep up the amazing work.


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Alright, lemme put it another way:

Expected behavior:

1. Batch download added on drive C (enough space left on both drives)

2. Batch download finishes on drive C

3. Files from batch download (ALL of them) are MOVED (not copied) to specific location on drive D

4. Handles for files on drive C are closed

5. Seeding starts for batch download, now relocated to drive D

Actual behavior:

1. Batch download added on drive C (enough space left on both drives)

2. Batch download finishes on drive C

3. Seeding starts for several files from batch download

4. Files being seeded are COPIED to specific location on drive D, the rest are left on drive C

5. Handles are left open on both drives

6. Closing µTorrent does not close open handles on either drive, and program hangs

7. Program does not leave memory until a restart/shutdown is issued (logging off and back on again proved ineffective)

Clearer to understand now?

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Yes your report makes sense to me now :) Thank you.

Unfortunately your behaviour is not what I have experienced in downloading.

Move operations from default directory are always complete... and since they are complete the handles are closed.

It sounds like you have other software interfering with uTorrent's move operation. This in turn is causing the instability of the uTorrent process. Would you post a Process Explorer DLL list please (open procexp, Ctrl-D, click utorrent.exe, Ctrl-A and copy paste into this thread)?

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