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I restart, then uTorrent transfer (speed) tanks. What's causing it?


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Just from searching around on previous posts, I'm leaning toward it being a port problem, but I wanted to ask some of the more experienced users what they think.

Here's the deal:

Last night, I restarted my computer (shut everything down, etc) and before going to bed, I restart uT & everything seems to be working properly. This morning I wake up and notice that my transfer speed is 0 up/down. I restart uT and and nothing changes. Change ports multiple times, nothing changes.

I've also tried starting a torrent that I know has plenty of Seeders, so I know that isn't the problem. It started DLing OK, but then the speed eventually dwindled down to 10> kB/s.

Any ideas on what's causing this/how to fix it? I don't usually have problems like these. Thanks in advance.

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Router: Linksys WRT54GS Version 6 <-version added

Firewall: just the standard Windows XP

Update: I'm not sure what exactly is the problem. I just tried DLing a torrent that has like 30K seeders, and I can barely connect to any of them (usually only 1 at less than 5 kb/s before it dies).

This doesn't normally happen. In fact, this is the first time. (So I don't think it's the modem/router) I can't understand why everything'd start going wrong after nothing more than restarting my computer. No settings changes, nothing.

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Version 6 (sorry, forgot that part)

Update: Grr, I just noticed something else too. For some odd reason, when I connect to my router via ethernet cable (I usually use wireless), it's allowing me to connect, but only to 3 peers or less (I usually have 8<); then when I switch back to wireless, the connection DIES again. Could this be a symptom of something?


Solution: OK, I just re-ran through the whole dang Port Forwarding page again (from scratch), and that seems to have solved any issues I had. Thanks to Firon, jewelisheaven (who actually helped me w/another problem also) and GTHK who took the time out of their days to help! You guys rock.


OK, perhaps I spoke too soon. uT is still acting up. Now I'm "seeding" 8 torrents when my max is set to 3 (& NONE of them are uploading), and I can't start any new downloads & get more than 5kB/s transfer rate (& usually it's stuck around 1kB/s).

Also, in regards to the port-forwarding, even though I've completed everything as stated on the port forwarding page, I still don't have the green check mark, instead I have the irritating yellow exclamation point. So, I'm at a loss as to what to do there too. Any help would be absolutely fantastic.

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