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Troubles on WinXP


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Hi there,

I am using lates Version of µtorrent.

I am using a fresh installed, completely updated Windows XP with IE 7.

My Network controller is an nvidia onboard chip on an Asus K8N.

I got a 6Mbit A-DSL connection with 512KBit upstream.

When using µtorrent for an hour or longer, All browsing is beginning to slow down... downloads via browser, too. changing the up and downspeed a torrent is allowed to use doesnt fix this behavior (e.g. upload 5kb, download 10kb).

When now shutting down µtorrent, and starting my browser on www.website1.com, my browser shows www.website2.com in the browser bar and displays a website i viewed before. When I now go for a website like www.website3.com, it shows me 404 Not found. .. After clicking 10-20 times on refresh it display the site i entered (www.website3.com).

But when I now click a link on this side, It displays me again the old side www.website2.com.

Current workaround: restart the whole machine.

How-to-repeat: Start µtorrent and let it work for an hour.

How to solve: ?? unknown ??

Greetz Forshort

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