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[Icons, toolbars, tabs, status] Tango!


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Hello, I made a complete Tango! icons pack for μTorrent. I know there already was the Tango! set, but I tried to polish the icons as much as possible – that's why I did post this.

The program and filetype icons are completely made by me (and have even 256×256 Vista resolution).

Some of the toolbar, status and tabs icons are taken from the project and redrawn in Inkscape to pixel-perfection. I'm not much into the licences, but since the Tango! project is Public Domain, everything should be all right.

Program icons


256×256 preview

Green square (my personal favorite)


256×256 preview

Black square


256×256 preview



256×256 preview


Filetype icons


256×256 preview

Green square


256×256 preview

Black square





Toolbar (colorful)


Toolbar (tangerine)


Toolbar (colorful tangerine)





(Wondering why the preview doesn't work.)


Tabs (1.8)

Enjoy unified look... :)

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Nice additions... would you like to enhance them further?

The now-beta 1.8 uT has 4 more icons for tabs (transfer and trackers tabs: Order = Transfer, General, Trackers, Peers, Pieces, Files, Speed, Logger) and the tstatus has 3 more icons (Order = first 13, rss default, rss inactive, rss updating)

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Those look very awesome. I would like to ask you to test your own skin, as I haven't gotten a definite answer regarding the middle rss icon. It appears sometimes the graphic is 3-state and other times that the middle icon is for a presumed default state. If you notice, currently the disabled rss feeds show the inactive icon (left of rss icons).. and my preliminary understanding was that this middle rss icon fills that oversight however if indeed rss is three-state then you may want to rethink the choice... I honestly don't know. See for yourself I previously mentioned this @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=315212#p315212

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Oh, my... I love it! Thank you so much, it's perfect! :D


Okay, apparently your skin it's quite a hit in my family. ;) :cool:

It's clean, eye candy and very catchy. :D

May I ask for another request from my brother who doesn't have an account here? :D I promise it's the last request from me (or my family) :lol:

Ok, here it goes:

In "toolbar colorful" I requested, could you please replace the "remove" button 1zpgu8n.jpg, with the remove botton hugm6t.jpg from the original Tango found here?


Thank you! :)

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Don't worry about it, it looks great. :cool: Maybe if you'll find a similar better icon, you'll publish later in main page because personally I thinks your set of skinks are simply gorgeous. I already replace all my utorrent default skins with yours.

And I really appreciate your kindness in making these "personalized" set of skins. Thank you again. :D

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For "Remove", Tango's edit-delete is not appropriate. After all, using an image of a shredder is pretty misleading when all you're doing is removing the torrent from the list, not deleting any data. Instead, you should use list-remove. Since that's a minus sign, it nicely parallels the plus sign for "Add Torrent". This is also what Deluge uses. So, any chance we could see a new toolbar with the minus sign?

On another note, has anyone made a Tango-styled filetype icon (preferably based on N3fr0n's beautiful program icons)?


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jewelisheaven: All the toolbars in the first post use edit-delete, which is a shredder (edit-delete.png?view=co), for "Remove". The one made for miocor uses some other icon that's even more unclear. Since removing a torrent from the list is non-destructive, using a shredder is hardly appropriate. However, since "Add Torrent" uses list-add (list-add.png?view=co), it makes more sense to use list-remove (list-remove.png?view=co) for "Remove". I've already made a modified toolbar for myself, but I don't know how to do the shadows properly, which is why I was asking.

As for filetype icons, thanks for collecting them so nicely. I was thinking more along the lines of one based on the green square. But I was just curious if anyone has made one. Not a big deal.

N3fr0n: By the way, I was thinking about a modified "colorful" toolbar. Thanks.

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;) No problem, heh. Yeah I tried making shadows after I saw something I liked but I imagine it has something to do with making that alpha channel stick... I tried in my basic bitmap editors and saw half the skin elements were all matte backgrounds, whereas they appear transparent in the program ... You may want to check out savaden's page http://savaden.freeforums.org/index.php he's one of the resident skinners around.

The remove toolbar button has multiple functions, the most basic and DEFAULT of just removing the torrent from the list. The other options include remove from list + torrent file on disk, remove from list + data on disk, remove from list + torrent file on disk + data on disk ... the last two can be visualized as a shredder as your data will be gone afterwards.

As far as the filetype icon, yeah the new 1.8 icon of the square hasn't propagated into all the skinning areas yet, but I'm sure it will. And hey, remember if you post up what you've got so far there's plenty of people who comment and customize themselves, so it can't hurt.

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Sorry people, I haven't watched this thread for a while. I had thought about the 'minus' sign before, and this finally convinced me to realize it. When I have some free time (maybe this afternoon), I'll do the toolbar and give the filetype icon a look...

Edit: The toolbars updated!

Edit: Filetype icon added.

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Thank you for creating and sharing this with us!

I just registered to say thanks, and to ask you to fix a bug or two that I found. If it's not a big request, and if it is possible of course.

BUG #1 - Tangerine toolbar isn't really transparent.

As you can see the Tangerine toolbar's background is white, and doesn't really fit in the whole picture of Tangerine look and feel. I hope you can fix this, I would really love to use this instead of the regular Tango toolbar.


BUG #2 - Ugly icon when switching programs

When I'm switching between programs using the ALT+TAB keys the custom icon for uTorrent looks really ugly :( I don't know why it displays the lower resolution icon.

Have a look:



Can I ask you to create a custom toolbar for me based on Tangerine but with silver Start, Pause, Stop buttons like you created for the Tango toolbar? It would be really nice to see the regular Tangerine toolbar fixed, and to have one with those silver icons.

Thanks once again. I just registered on this forum to post a reply :)

p.s.: The filetype icon is a killer! You really rock! :)

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#1 Alpha channel... yeah, that'll have to be applied, that magenta color is supposed to be a default "transparent" though.

#2 The custom ico layout order is backwards. For multiple bitdepths, the 16 color 16^2 can be first but it should then be followed by 256 or higher 48^2 (max in XP), 32^2, 16^2, then your 64^2 128^2 and 256^2 ... at least from previous testing.

... Is it my imagination or is there still no shadow on the floor for "-" ?

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Well, progressing. The Tangerine bug is probably a click-mistake, black filetype icon and silver Tangerine are in queue.

jewelisheaven: The shadow is there, but is higher and a little less opaque than in other icons. I tried many combinations but this looked the best in my opinion.

By the way I don't know what to do with the icon sorting. I tried almost everything but the bug still remains. Maybe I have an editor which lines them up automatically by size (Gimp), I don't know. Sorry...

Edit: Toolbars updated and silver Tangerine added.

Edit: Black filetype added.

Edit: Wait? The old remove icon! Damn. Must fix it as fast as possible. :D

Edit: Whoa. Done.

PS: Thanks for mostly positive reactions. :)

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