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Run program on download completion solved (sorta…)


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Okay this has been bugging me for a bit now, so I finally got round to creating a little application to do what I wanted. I know other people have done the scheduled tasks thing to try and work round this but I don't like that solution, so I came up with DownloadSorter.

Currently it's written using .Net 2.0, so you'll need that if you want to use it, which is a pain and something I want to rectify, but given the speed with which things an be done using .Net it just made sense.

Anyway – the app can run anything you want when it detects changes in any directory you want to watch – it's all done using events so it shouldn't use up any resources when nothings happening. It can watch as many directories as you want to watch and do different actions on each. Oh, and it minimises to the system tray so it's out of the way.

Finally it's not exclusive to any program – I have it watching all my download app directories (µTorrent, emule, firefox, internet explorer…) but it could actually watch any directory at all.

For more information see the readme file.

Comments/Questions/General feedback?

Current Version:


Update: License details & Readme text

Fix: Add/Update/Remove buttons not working properly (incorrectly greyed out)

Fix: Rare thread related crash

Added: Extra tags for command line arguments

Previous Version:


Requires .Net 2.0 (cheers jewelisheaven)

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Thank you for the utility. You may want to add http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=0856EACB-4362-4B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5&displaylang=en as the download link for the .Net 2.0 runtime in either this post or your readme for user benfit :D

Yet another instance of a user creating an all-in-one application which is quite useful in conjunction with uT :)

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thnx for the app, good lil utility, so handy now not having to manually assign my msn notification programme to every single file i download!

this is a very very minor request....... just me being a bit anal

using [FILE] i get an msn notification of.....

Utorrent - F:\uTorrent\Completed Torrents\sometorrentfile.torrent - has downloaded

is it possible to add a new variable called say [FILENAME]

so i would get an msn notification of...

Utorrent - sometorrentfile.torrent - has downloaded

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New version uploaded just for you c0ntinuity :P

lol - don't worry bout being anal - I'm just happy someone is using it and that it seems to be working for them!

There are now a bunch of extra tags for arguments. For what you want to do - one of [FILE_NAME] and [FILE_NAME_EXT] should do the job. See the read me for all the tags.

Feel free to request anything else - I'm not promising to add every little thing, but if it's as easy as this one then I'll give it a go! :D

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