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Dynamically adjust upload speeds+slots


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Ok, this sounds like something µTorrent already has...but please hear me out.

With asynchronous broadband connections that often have 10 times as much download bandwidth as upload bandwidth, utilizing available upload bandwidth is important.

So have µTorrent adjust current max upload bandwidth based on download activity.

For every 50 KB/sec download rate, decrease upload rate by 1 KB/sec -- this roughly corresponds to the amount of spare upload bandwidth needed for the SYN ACKs of the downloading.

If you're downloading at 500 KB/sec, it would reduce upload rate by 10 KB/sec -- so if absolute max upload rate was 40 KB/sec, during the 500 KB/sec download period only 30 KB/sec upload would be used.

...if µTorrent could monitor the computer's connection as well (other apps using the internet), then µTorrent could even better utilize the upload bandwidth without overloads. I've heard of using pingtimes (how long SYN ACK packets take to return when you uplaod) to tell if the connection is strained/overloaded. If pingtimes go beyond ~150 ms for me, that means I'm nearing my connection's limits. At >300 ms, the (over)load is severe. And at 1,000+ ms (1+ sec) pings, "Shut her down Scotty, she's sucking mud!"

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