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help with seed and download your own torrent file


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I use utorrent and have no problem of downloading;

I try to upload a folder or file, to share, but so far i could not make it work,

and I don't know why it won't work, here is what I have done,

1-running win xp pro

2-use router, opened a port tested the port and it is open.

3-I used utorrent to make a torrent file out of a folder, put the made torrent file in the same folder of download folder that i have set in utorrent.

4-I used the tracker urls that Piratebay provided.

5-upload this made torrent file to Piratebay.

6- download the uploaded file from piratebay and trying to download my own file

using utorrent, but it wont download.

I want to seed my own file, but I why it won't download my own file?

i use router, and have opened the port for utorrent, and the testing works fine,

anyone care to help me out on this please?

what am I missing here?


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> I want to seed my own file, but I why it won't download my own file?

You can't "download" your own file, because you are the seeder but you are at 0%. This means the files are on your hard drive but uTorrent is not pointing to the correct location.

Go the Files tab and select "Relocate..."

Its a little tricky if you multiple files or folders. After you think you've pointed uTorrent to the correct location, stop the Torrent and do a "Force Recheck". If the percentage goes from 0 to 100% (or the progress fills up), then uTorrent found the files.

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