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speed goes up and down in waves with 1 minute cycles


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If I look at my speed graph, I see waves of the speed going up and down.

If I set the resolution to 5 seconds, it looks like a perfect ocean waves. Downloads go from a peak of 25 kB/s to a low of about 5 kB/s. It takes about 30 seconds to go from 5 kB/s to 25 kB/s then after another 30 seconds it goes from 25 down to 5 kB/s again. It keeps doing this for hours on end. (Uploads also go up and down at the same frequency)

I don't know if this is my wireless ADSL router causing this, if it is my ISP, if it is my Norton Antivirus, my toshiba laptop, my Windows XP SP2, or my utorrent settings... I've played with a number of settings in each of these things and I can't figure it out.

Strangely, my utorrent doesn't always do this. Perhaps half the time, it will go for hours on end just fully maxed out at 25 kB/s.

Sometimes, it will have been cycling up and down for hours and when I come back to my computer, move the mouse or click on utorrent, then it stops making waves and holds steady at 25 kB/s. So, there might be some sleep type of settings but I might be imagining this.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do to fix this? Is there an easy way for me to see if this is a wireless network performance problem rather than a utorrent problem?



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That's ISP shaping... or at least sounds like. What procedures from Ultima's How-To for Troubleshooting have you tried.... common settings to try include encryption, forcing it and/or disallowing unencrypted connections; lessening your peer load to see if you can get around or "sneak under" as it were the automatic methods ISPs use to control bandwidth. Additionally certain ports may be shaped by default.

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i have same trouble... but what can i do???..... my download speed starts and get the top of my speed..105 kb/sec but when get the top... full down to 0.0 kb/sec and begin again... and this is all the time... and.. if i just downloading a single file... i never get the top speed... just have 25 kb/sec top... i need to download more than 6 or 7 files to use all my bandwith

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My current settings are:

Upload limit 7 kB/s

Download limit 25 kB/s

upload slots 3

connections 60

connections global 90

max active torrents 13

mas active downloads 10

Encryption is enabled

I have the green tick that says "Your network connection is working like it should"

By "lessening your peer load" which of those settings are you referring to? I've played with all of them. It does seem that if I decrease the download and upload limits, this cycle problem seems to happen less often. But it still happens even if I set them low.

I do want to use encryption.

As part of the how-to-troubleshooting, I've searched the forum. I looked into firewall settings. I have Norton antivirus 2006. I don't have Norton Internet Security, so I don't think I have a firewall.

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you obviusly should make your speed higher then 25 if you want it to go any faster because unless you have dial up there is no broadband that is limited to 25kbps and make your max avtive torrents 2 and your max downloading torrents 1 otherwise it basicly splits the speed beetween all the things your downloading.

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