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recheck downloads on startup (4 dual boot users)


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I propose an option to make uTorrent re-check all downloads on every start up.

I require this because I have a vista/XP dual boot and I often shuffle between the two. I have uTorrent installed on both OS's and have set them to download to the same folder.

However they fail to recognize each others input and I am forced to manually remove the torrent and upload it again. If there is an existing way to achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated if you could explain it in detail.

Thanks in advance.

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ok.. your idea sounds like a simpler option, but I don't fully understand how to achieve this.

"Simply copy the entire contents of %AppData%\uTorrent into the same folder as utorrent.exe. If using it in a multi-user environment, this folder should be accessible and writeable by all users so they can share settings and resume data."

Unlike most other programs, you cant use the Vista utorrent shortcut inside XP (without the program being installed on XP)

so, i have 2 install directories:

C:\Program Files (vista)

D:\Program Files (XP)

Any chances of this being explained in more detail?

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