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Automatic file sorting by directory


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Is this possible for torrents? I'd like to be able to designate a different directory for video files, one for audio, one for applications, etc. anything unknown would be dropped into a general 'incoming' folder (paths would be fully customizable within the UI)

Any thoughts?

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seems like there are a lot of requests for more sorting out options.

I think there is already one similar to this one.

I am not so interested in sorting out by fiel types, but more by trackers.

It's very useful when using private trackers, and keeping track of what came from where.

Having the choice of either tracker or file type sorting would be amazing, I guess. And please everyone.

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you could acomplish something like this if my Filter Box idea would be implemented.. i was pitching it here, but very few people got the potential behind it..

off the top of my head, if you had all the torrents loaded, you could type something like "tracker:game.tracker.com dir:games" and all torrents from that tracker (assuming, of course, you are downloading from an exclusively game, movie or audio tracker.. i'm not sure how you could be able to automatically identify the content type without some kind of ID) would download in the specified directory..

you could be able to set Permanent Rules of sorts (in a configuration dialog or something), where you have a bunch of commands like the one above, and these get applied every time a new torrent is loaded..

again, reply in my thread if you like this idea.. the more people we have supporting this, the bigger the chance it could be implemented..

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