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Remove and Delete .torrent + data = Freeze


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Right-clicking a torrent and choosing 'Remove and Delete .torrent + data' causes uTorrent to freeze. I've seen this reported before for previous versions, but I wanted to make sure it was reported for the latest Beta as well. I'm not quite sure to what extent it is actually freezing. The torrents and their info appear to freeze; they stay at whatever speed their at and the information doesn't update for them. However, you can still click on File->exit; the problem is that uTorrent doesn't actually quit - you have to go to the Task Manager or Process Explorer to kill it. Finally, even though the torrent is removed from the UI of uTorrent, the data is not actually removed in the end - or at least, not all of it - sometimes one or two files are removed and the rest aren't, but I've yet to see the entire contents of the torrent removed; you have to go to the folder yourself and delete. All in all, the 'Remove and Delete .torrent + data' is very broken >_<

Since this is easily reproducible I'm not including any Process Explorer info or anything, and because uTorrent doesn't actually crash, I can't include a dump file.

Also not that I've been experiencing this problem for several versions of uTorrent.

Machine Specs:

Lenovo T61

Vista Ultimate x86 SP1


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Most reported problems do not get fixed because there is an inability to reproduce it...

Downloading and deleting Terabytes of information personally, and it's never broken for me. Your specs are useful but not very.

Au contraire, if the uTorrent thread is stuck you can crash it. Apparently Vista Task Manager includes this functionality OOB?

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I made a recording of this happening using CamStudio, and tried converting it to swf so that it was a reasonable size, but nothing seemed capable of playing it. This is easily reproduce (for me anyways; happens every time I do it), so if I you would like me to try and grab any data while it's happening, tell me how to do it ;).

I just also realized that this only happens when clicking 'Remove and Delete .torrent + data' if the torrent is still running. I just tried it on a non-running torrent and there was no problem; done on a running torrent and freeze again.

Sheesh, and more updates: it doesn't always happen, but does usually happen lol. I'm going to try and compress the recording and then upload it (b/c I doubt anyone wants to download a very interesting 72MB movie of me deleting a torrent and showing it freezing uTorrent lol).

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