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uTorrent Bookmarklet, or "Add new torrents from your iPhone"


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I've enjoyed reading your progress with this! I use it all the time.. thankyou.

Something I wish I could do with a script like this on the iPhone is to STOP all utorrent transfers at the press of one button. When I'm in my flat, I find going on the net on my iphone unusable when I am downloading files. I'm sure I am not alone!

Of course I can utilise the Web UI to pause transfers from the iphone, but the page usually takes well over 60 seconds to load as all my bandwidth is being used by the transfers! A one-click bookmarklet triggering one function from the Web UI would minimise the delay caused by the busy network.

It would be cool if this task could have a fixed URL as you could add an icon to the iPhone interface! That would run into hosting issues though I suppose. I am a designer, and would be very interested in contributing an icon and any other frontend styling/design if anyone's up for making the script?

Cheers, Dave

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As far as I can tell, it's impossible to do this from a bookmarklet at the moment, until some pauseall/unpauseall requests are added to the backend. The only way to pause/resume all right now is to get the list of torrents and call pause/resume on all of them, and IINM, bookmarklets can't even get the list since it requires the XMLHttpRequest, which doesn't allow cross-site requests.

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to give a last update. I obviously haven't had any time to work on this lately, so not even sure if it works anymore. In fact I assume it doesn't work anymore after rereading the last posts. My last version of the bookmarklet can be found here:


If anyone would like to continue where I left off, please log on to SourceForge and request to be a contibutor to this project I started:


Finally, I'd love to know if such a thing is even still feasible, or if I should just shut down the project.


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