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'Control + A' Selects _ALL_ torrents regardless of label categories


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Just reporting this as just what my friend did was frustrating.


We all use the same WebUI but we identify each persons torrent with a label.

For example

[user 1 (10)]

[user 2 (15)]

So User 1 has 10 torrents and user 2 has 15 torrents.

Lets say user 2's torrents are all 0kb/s upload now. He wants to remove them all.

You click the User 2 Label -> Control + A (selects all torrents in User 2) -> Right Click -> Remove And -> Delete Data.

It removes the torrents from User 1 also, REGARDLESS that you are in the User 2 Label area.

Is there a fix for this?

If I wanted to remove all torrents I would have gone to the [All (25)] section and Control + A'd




<+dotLou> f**k SonicSam

<+dotLou> that thing is stupid

<+dotLou> I go to my own labels, and it deletes everything

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Well, the thing is...I fixed this in the my version and at the time I thought I'd have it out pretty soon, which didn't turn out to be the case; so, I forgot about it. Sorry about this. The fix for this will be online soon...just waiting for Firon/Alus to return to RL (IRC).

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