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RSS Favorites Tab - feed selection


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The Question:

In the filter settings would it be possible to specify the feed(s) in a similar way to the quality?

The Result:

This would allow you to set a filter against one or multiple feeds, but not necessarily all of the feeds.

The Reason:

Several of my RSS feeds are from private trackers and i'd like the ability to ignore the public feeds for certain torrents (filters).

#NB My reasoning for this is to try and keep a my ratio high on what i know should be a popular torrent. I can then "spend" any ratio gained on less popular torrents. ;)

As i don't know which of the private sites will get the torrent first i'd like to be able to monitor multiple feeds.

Anyways... Hopefully you're all still with me!? :/

Cheers :D


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Yeah thats it

multiple (selectable) feeds against a filter

In any case uT either downloads all the torrents matching the filter each update or only the first each update after the minimum interval when smart episode filter is set.

Thats exactly what i would expect with the current way of selecting feeds

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I agree, as it is now, your filter searches all feeds, or one feed, Being able to select a single feed, multiple feeds, or all feeds would be a significant improve in the usability of the RSS Downloader feature.

<3 uTorrent, everyone who works to make it better and better each release deserves big hugs... Thanks so much

I'm xFiend, and I REGISTERED to approve this message.

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