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Here is a list of new/updated strings found in 1.1.4. This list may be changed/updated before release. Line numbers match when the changes are made in the given order.

Line 79 Capitalization: " Select source *" <to> " Select Source *"

Line 88 Capitalization: " Torrent properties *" <to> " Torrent Properties *"

Line 100 Removed entry: "Create and start sharing"

Line 367 Rename "Cancel" <to> "&Close"

Line 373 Capitalization: " Bandwidth settings *" <to> " Bandwidth Settings *"

New entries to insert and translate on the given lines:

Line 109: " Other *" <groupbox in the dialog for creating torrents>

Line 112: "&Start seeding" <checkbox in the dialog for creating torrents>

Line 130: "&Cancel"

Line 391: " Other Settings *"

Line 394: "Super-Seeding" <checkbox in torrent properties>

Line 454: "done" <part of the "total size" label on the general torrent info tab>

Line 643: "Unlimited"

Please post links to translations ready for 1.1.4 in this thread along with names (or nicknames) to give proper credit. Language files will be tested and included in the next language pack.

UPDATE: Oct 05, language revision 2: template

Line 871: "Changed General|Peers|Pieces|Files|Speed|" <to> "General|Peers|Pieces|Files|Speed|Logger|"

Line 571: added entry "&Enable Logger"

Line 574: added entry "&Log Bad Pieces"

Line 577: added entry "&Log Errors"

Line 580: added entry "&Log Everything"

Line 583: added entry "&Log Peer Traffic"

Line 616: added entry "It looks like the file you are about to download already exists in the folder for completed downloads.rnDo you want to use the data in that directory instead?rnrnYes - Use the data in the complete folder.rnNo - Download the torrent from scratch."

Please mark updated languages files with "-r2" in the filename.

UPDATE: Oct 08, language revision 3: template

This should be the last changes for 1.1.4. Just two more strings, you can put the translated strings alone in a file, if you wish, and I will merge them with the translations.

"Low CPU Mode (and higher delays)" <new advanced option>

"Relevance" <new column in peer list showing how interesting the peer is>

Minor change: "|Peer dl.rate|Peer download rate" <to> "|Peer dl.|Peer download rate"

Removed: "Select Error"

UPDATE: Oct 09, language revision 4: template

Looks like I spoke too soon :oops: some more time was put into 1.1.4 and strings were added.

Added: "Unable to save the resume file. Some data may be lost.rnAnother program might have the file open, or the disk is full. Please correct this and click Retry."

Removed: "Scan and load new torrents every"

Removed: "never|30 seconds|minute|2nd minute|5th minute|10th minute|half hour|"

Added: " Auto-Load Torrents *"

Added: "Automatically load torrents in directory:"

Added: "..."

Added: "Delete torrent instead of renaming, when loading"

Added: "Unable to load '%s' from the autoload folder."

Added: "Unable to rename/delete '%s'."

UPDATE: Oct 10, language revision 5: template

This is the final version.

Combined "File Name:" and "Save In:" into new entry "Save As:"

Combined "# of Pieces" and "Size:" into new entry "Pieces:"

Added: "Tracker" <new group in general info tab>

Removed: "Set debug"

Added: "&Log traffic to logging window"

Added: "You have selected that you want to delete all the downloaded data. Do you really want to continue?"

Edit: somehow forgot these, thanks for pointing it out

Added: "Connect to peers slower"

Added: "Low CPU Mode (and higher delays)"

Here are links to the languages included so far; please use these as starting points for further modifications:


Chinese Simplified

Chinese Traditional

Chinese (Taiwan)












Spanish (Latin American)



* denotes translations not up to date

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Polish translation ready for v1.1.4 can be found here (rev 5b)

Please note that it needs Central European fonts (which are set in most of text in application, but not in headings, about box or schleuder).

Edit: As for credit: 'MaV' will do :)

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1.1.4 Greek Translation here. :D


Update (06/10) : Added support for 1.1.4-R2

Greek Transaltion Version 1.1.4 Release 2.


Update (09/10) : Added support for 1.1.4-R3

Greek Transaltion Version 1.1.4 Release 3(Complete file).

Strings Only


Update (10/10) : Added support for 1.1.4-R4

Greek Transaltion Version 1.1.4 Release 4(Fully ReChecked for template 4).


Update (11/10) : Added support for 1.1.4-R5b

Greek Transaltion Version 1.1.4 Release 5b(Fully ReChecked for template 5).


Right click and save target as...

Credit me as: PowerThunder

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Chinese Traditional

Updated to r5b

Updated again :oops:


Credit:'Hin' :o

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are different

Simplified Chinese is used in China

Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

but the Taiwan Chinese and Traditional Chinese are similar, so you should only choose one to use ;)

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If I'm not mistaken, Taiwan uses traditional Chinese characters, so having both Chinese Traditional and Chinese (Taiwan) is sort of redundant... I can't really check though since the Asian characters don't seem to show up correctly in utorrent on my computer...

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Yeah, I confirmed my suspicions about the Taiwanese and Traditional Chinese translations... they are more or less the same (some minor translation differences). I can't judge which one is the better one as I can't read Traditional (and can barely read Simplified), but yeah... one of them probably has to go.

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The yard of simplified form of Chinese Character of China changes Chinese-traditional yard

,The purpose of the word will not change yet. (whether China only uses the simplified form of Chinese Character!)

The area of China is different from Taiwan or the Hong Kong diction purpose, at least ...It is different now!

Do not need to choose one to keep , coexist! Users will use oneself to need!

-R2 edition


-R3 edition


-R4 edition


UPDATE -R5 edition

Added: "Connect to peers slower"

Added: "Low CPU Mode (and higher delays)"


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Here is the updated German translation:


I did a small "overhaul" (mainly changes to suit GUI spaces)

check it out if you like



I corrected some typos and noticed the general/peers/pieces/files/speed tabs did not get translated (i guess it doesnt suit the GUI, so we have to have a closer look into it)


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