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is this a decent speed?


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dsl speed test says I have download speeds of 4900 to 5600 kb/s. Upload speeds range: 845 to 892

I have my maximum upload speed set to 85 kb/s.

I tested with a test torrent and the highest download speed was around 145 kb/s. It usually was in the upper 120s. Is that around what it should be?

With normal torrents the speed is much slower, muuuuuch slower. Many torrent are less than 10 kb/s. The highest speed I've seen is around 45 kb/s. I understand the difference between the test torrents and my "normal" torrents and the normal ones are expected to be slower; not sure if these are too slow and fixable. One I am testing right now has a download speed of less than 2 kb/s with 7(53) (51 in swarm) for seeds and 7 (120) (91 in swarm) for peers. (BTW, how do I know if I am in the swarm?)

I've read the set up guide, have a static IP with a forwarded port, a green check for the network. I've not done the other tweaks yet.

Thanks for your help!

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If you are on a public tracker, transfer speeds (especially download) can be pretty dismal. Right now, one torrent chugging along at 20kB download (900 seeds and 6000 leechers).

Another good place to test torrents is free movies on Bittorrent.com. You can try the movie Cross Line: http://www.bittorrent.com/users/gregg-films/torrents/Cross_Line/bf8e4742-97ce-11dc-8403-00e0815f1a4e/download/free

It'd be pretty hard to max out your download speed unless every one of your peers could upload very fast to you like a web or ftp server.

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Once you get a significant portion of a busy torrent (such as 15-25%), then your upload speed should at least stay close to uTorrent's upload speed max.

...Unless there's serious problems!

So is your current upload speed running near uTorrent's upload speed max?

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Okay, I have lowered the max upload speed to 35 kB in addition to going through all of the steps for improving speed. The highest I've seen the speed go up to is 20 kB, but it is usually in the 15 range, regardless of what the torrent is. I will note that I get a high DL speed for the Open Office test torrent and VERY LOW upload (less than 5 kB when it is the only torrent going).

Going through and making all of the changes has improved my speed in general, and maybe that's the best I can hope for. It was really slow, now it is just kind of slow :)

Now really it is more the challenge of seeing if I can fix this than it is annoyance with a slow speed.

moments later...

HOLD ON TO YOUR SOCKS!! I just checked uTorrent and the UL is at the max and the download is 750kB! Holy smokes! I now consider this issue CLOSED!

I guess the lesson learned is that you need to give uTorr more than a minute or two to get going and reach its max speed?

Later yet again. Boo. Download back down to numbers around 35kB. Guess it was fluke. I'm defeated.

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