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Capping Uploads


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Ok ... I can imagine that this is a common topic, but please bear with me.

I appreciate that torrent's popularity is all about sharing; I'm happy to share what I download, and do!

But for those of us in the UK we often have caps and low upload limits to work with (upload is normally around 512k, irrelevant of download speed). I live in a house with 3 other people, who all use the internet and download/upload. Really we can only afford to be uploading at 5kb/s each, to allow us to actually use the internet and to avoid other issues caused by using the full upload allowance.

As anything under 6kb/s results in a download cap we are forced to cap our uploads at 6, rather than 5 (which is kind of fare enough, although surely sharing is a worry of the torrent distributors, not the software used to download, but ah well).

My problem is that capping doesn;t really work ... at all. Even after following steps I;ve found on the internet, to disable local network uploads etc etc, when capped at 6kb/s I upload at at LEAST 7kb/s, but normally between 7.5-7.9kb/s. Similar results are found when I cap at 5kb/s, the actual upload experienced is ~6-6.9kb/s.

This is really annoying and an increase of around 25-30% on the capped amount is just completely unacceptable. That increase is shared over all 4 computers in my house, meaning that we're uploading around 8kb/s more than we can afford, that's more than an extra computer being added into the mix. It just seems like bad (possibly intentional) programming to me.

To me, a cap of 6kb/s means you won;t upload anything more than 6kb/s (that's how the download cap works! .. strange that ay ...), obviously those at uTorrent feel differently.

The most annoying thing is I lvoe uTorrent, it's by far the best app I;ve used for torrent downloading out there ... bar this oversight.

If there is a way to get uTorrent to actually pay attention to the cap I set then please let me know, I'll be eternal grateful.

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If you all torrent you really should setup a central repository for data... OR EACH of you needs to use a speed guide setting/ peer connection settings for 1/4 your upload. Just changing the upload value does not decrease the load all that much. The upload limit is for peer traffic. Depending upon how many peers you connect to that value can increase to your experienced values. Additionally DHT uses some extra overhead. As does the active announce on trackers for all torrents, or just the scrape which happens every 30 minutes.

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Also download speed. The faster you download the more upload you need for correspondence traffic.

Besides with 512k you should be able to handle 8kb/s upload. 512k = 64kb/s... even divided by 3 thats still 20kb/s upload each.

Anyways I think there are only three options:

1) Set the Speed Guide to xx/64k or maybe even Dial-up (56k). Then limit upload to 6kb/s. Limit download to 100kb/s or something. And disable DHT. And see if that helps.

2) Have 1 µtorrent and let people download stuff with it using the webui or something.

3) Get a (more expensive but) faster internet connection.

PS It seems like bad (possibly intentional) assumptions to me :P

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When you tell uTorrent to upload at 6 KB/sec, you're telling uTorrent to send pieces of the torrent out at 6 KB/sec...not using a MAX of 6 KB/sec for total upload traffic. That's a huge difference, as uTorrent cannot directly calculate all the overheads.

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