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[li]added_on: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Added On (UNIX time, in seconds)[/li]

[li]blocks: [iNTERNAL] A list of the blocks currently in progress (?)[/li]

[li]blocksize: [iNTERNAL] The size of each block in the torrent job (in bytes)[/li]


[li]caption: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Name[/li]

[li]codec: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Codec (obtained from RSS feed; currently unsure of what the integer represents)[/li]

[li]completed_on: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Completed On (UNIX time, in seconds)[/li]

[li]corrupt: [iNTERNAL] The amount of data wasted through hashfails (in bytes)[/li]

[li]dht: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Use DHT (currently unsure of what the integer represents)[/li]

[li]download_url: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Source URL[/li]

[li]downloaded: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Downloaded (in bytes)[/li]

[li]downspeed: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Maximum downloadrate (in bytes/second)[/li]

[li]episode: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Episode (obtained from RSS feed)[/li]


[li]feed_url: [iNTERNAL] The RSS feed that the .torrent file was originally listed on[/li]

[li]hashfails: [GENERAL/TRANSFER TAB] Wasted[/li]

[li]have: [iNTERNAL] A bit array containing indicating which pieces you currently have completed, each bit representing one piece (padded up to the next closest byte)[/li]

[li]info: [GENERAL/TRANSFER TAB] Hash[/li]

[li]label: [CATEGORY/LABEL LIST] The label the torrent job uses[/li]

[li]last_active: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Last Active (in seconds)[/li]

[li]lsd: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Local Peer Discovery[/li]

[li]moved: [iNTERNAL] 0 if the torrent contents were not moved after completion, 1 if they were[/li]

[li]order: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] # (-1 means the torrent job has finished downloading)[/li]

[li]override_seedsettings: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Override default settings[/li]

[li]path: [GENERAL/TRANSFER TAB] Save As[/li]

[li]peers6: [iNTERNAL] Peer cache, with peers stored in IPv6[/li]

[li]prio: [iNTERNAL] A byte mask containing indicating which files have what priority, each byte representing one file. The order of the bytes is the same as the order found in the .torrent file[/li]


[li]quality: [iNTERNAL] The quality of the video file (obtained from RSS feed)[/li]

[li]rss_name: [iNTERNAL] The original name of the torrent as shown in the RSS feed[/li]

[li]runtime: [GENERAL/TRANSFER TAB] Time Elapsed (in seconds)[/li]


[li]season: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Episode (obtained from RSS feed)[/li]

[li]seedtime: [iNTERNAL] The total amount of time the torrent job has been in seeding mode (in seconds)[/li]

[li]started: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Status[/li]

[li]superseed: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Initial Seeding[/li]

[li]superseed_cur_piece: [iNTERNAL] The marker indicating the last piece being transferred for Initial Seeding mode[/li]



[li]trackers: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Trackers[/li]

[li]ulslots: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Number of upload slots[/li]

[li]uploaded: [TORRENT JOBS LIST] Uploaded (in bytes)[/li]

[li]upspeed: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Maximum upload rate (in bytes/second)[/li]





[li]wanted_ratio: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Ratio (in 1/10 of a percent)[/li]

[li]wanted_seedtime: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Seeding Time (in seconds)[/li]

[li]waste: [GENERAL/TRANSFER TAB] Wasted (in bytes)[/li]

[li]webseeds: [TORRENT PROPERTES] Web Seeds[/li]




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