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Auto-label torrents


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I have uTorrent set up to auto-download torrents in a set directory, as well as to move them to a "completed" directory upon finishing with the "append the torrent's label to the directory name" option on. As you may have guessed, I am using this set-up to make downloading and organising torrents as efficient and painless as possible. The only thing missing to make the process of downloading and sorting a torrent completely automated (apart from downloading the original .torrent file of course) is an auto-label feature. My suggestion is to give users the option of setting pre-specified torrent labels for various trackers. For example, a torrent with the tracker url


will be auto-labeled "Demonoid" upon commencing, and so on and so forth.

Hopefully this hasn't been posted before.

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My question is: if you give a episode of a serie a label, and lets say you download the next episode you can then give it the same label. Does it save it then to the dir where the first episode was saved? If so then you can use labels to specify the place it should save the file on your hd?

------ Afer some reading ------

I know now its posible I added multiple gui.persistent.labels = Bleach|Blood+|Eureka Seven|Mai Otome|Monster|Mushishi|One Piece|Shakugan no Shana|Solty Rei|Sousei no Aquarion|Zettai Shonen

So when I give it a Label it should be saved with that label name wich I added in gui.persistent.labels

I think thats enough for me... but if this could be automated then thumbs up :)

What I miss is that not all files you download you want moved to that drive, so if you could set per label where you can save it... this would be of great help to me. you can set default stuff like: Movies, MP3's, Games, ETC

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Sorry for the bump, but I had the same idea and got a link to this thread.

Like I said, I would do it with an editable "if - then" table.

How would you deal with multi-tracker torrents when each has a label attached to them?

What about making it possible to multi label a torrent?

Means a torrent can be labeled as demonoind and as movie for example.

If you set the option to move and append the label all mutli tracker torrents could be moved in a subfolder called multi tracker, and a shortcut to this file could be created in every subfolder of the levels which the torrent has.


Torrents are moved to:


Now a torrent is labeled with demonoid and movie, it will be moved to:


Also a shortcut will be created at \demonoid and at \movie:

c:\done\demonoid\"shortcut to c:\done\multitracker\file.example"

c:\done\movie\"shortcut to c:\done\multitracker\file.example"

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Also, upon labeling a torrent give the option to move/copy the torrent to a specified folder either upon download or completion. I have several torrents which I label Audio Patch, Instrument Patch, Stack Patch that would be great if I could automatically move them to their associated folder. This would be useful if I could automatically move my Movies/TV Shows/Software to separate folders as well.

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This is about the only remaining thing that really prevents me from using uTorrent full-time. It used to be multiple speed schedules, but my usage has changed enough that I don't even care about that anymore.

Auto-categorization is critical, though. For some reason I thought this was already done. So... me++ for this feature.

My suggestion is this, and the basic workings are from the Azureus "AutoCategory" plugin:

1. User fills in a match string (*very preferably* regular expression compatible) and specifies the category it maps to, and whether the match applies to the filename, or to the tracker name.

2. Entries are in a list dialog.

3. Matches are processed top-down in a "last match" method.

This means that if I have matches set up like this:

"MP3" in filename -> Music category

"(HD|PD)TV|TVRip" in filename -> Television category

"Doctor.Who|Torchwood" in filename -> BBC category

And a file comes in with this name: "Doctor Who MP3 HDTV", it gets marked as category "BBC". But if one comes in that says "CSI HDTV" then it gets marked as "Television".

The reason for using last match is so that you can have a catchall category for certain keywords, but then break out specific sub-genres into their own categories, and it all happens in a natural way. A checkbox for "don't continue" could also be useful, but isn't necessary. (That would prevent it from looking at rules further down the list.)

First match also works, but it's a bit harder to control.

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I'm just looking to have torrents labeled based on the tracker. I use seperate private trackers for everything, like one for TV, one for movies, one for HD movies and another for music. I also use the persistent labels and label my files as I download them. It would be awesome to click a torrent link on a website and have utorrent open it and append a label, like Movies, to the torrent based on the tracker. Rss lables work great and are perfect for my TV shows but it would be nice to have everything label on its own.

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Maybe this isn't really related to your suggestion, but I just wanted to throw out my two cents.

Would it be possible to "label" torrents based on the files?

E.g. Movie files to folder Movies, Audio files to folder Audio and so forth.

Though there could be some issues with .iso files, as it's used for games, movies and whatnot.

Although .iso files could have its own folder, and that would probably be the only folder to keep an eye on.

Same with .rar files for that matter, but if such files as .iso and .rar you could be prompted where you to choose its category.


Auto-categorization is critical, though. For some reason I thought this was already done. So... me++ for this feature.

What Signe said. :D

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So, yeah, it stinks that this feature hasn't been implemented yet.

I think, however, that I have a better idea than tracker-based/file-type based sorting...

Why not steal the way that SABNZBd does this using blackholes and categories?

The way it works like this....

You set up categories for every type of file, and set each category to go into it's own directory--they can be set to any directory on your entire machine, so for example:

Category: Directory:


Movies D:/Downloads/Movies

Music C:/Torrent Downloads/Music/


Any drive, any folder--anywhere.

Then, you set the category by having corresponding file names within your blackhole directory (aka: "automatically add torrents from" directory"):

So instead of just downloading all torrents into something like:


You could now have:





Downloading into those subdirectories within the blackhole folder automatically sets the category, and the files get moved automatically after downloading/unpacking.

What's more, you can set RSS feeds to automatically be tagged as a particular category....

This is a very comprehensive method that, from my personal experience, has basically no flaws.

The blackhole subdirectories can be used to set the category if you use any other programs to automate downloads, and the RSS feeds can use the categories directly within the program.

It's pretty much perfect, no?

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