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When i have an incomplete torrent downloading and the download rate is approx 0kB/s but the upload rate is > 1kB/s the torrent is listed as Inactive.

I agree that it is not active with regards to downloading

but surely it is active as its uploading???

What do you uT gurus say?


PS when the download rate is > 1kB/s it shows as Active as expected

uT 1.8 Beta (build 9272)

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Woah. That's one pretty mixed up thread! Bits flying everywhere...

If the reply you mean is;

EDIT: It seems that this only occurs on torrents where there are no seeds but you still download/upload to peers which do not have the full copy.

I believe this could well have been the case. The torrent certainly did not have a large number of seeds (if any) but i was definitely not connected to any of them.

As i say. If i spot it again i'll take some screen shots and post them.


EDIT: P.S. I've already updated to build 9363 btw

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