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Errors Now Showing In Status Column


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I recently moved my download folder from my D drive to my external H drive to give me more room om my D drive. Since I did that I now have many errors showing in the status column where I never had that before. What can I do to get these files back to where they were before. Most all of them did say seeding before but not now. I don't want to move them all back to my D drive because of the amount of space that they consume.

Should I just delete the ones that say error or what? I don't really want to take them out of name column because then I would not be seeding these files like I was before I moved the folder to my external drive.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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So I think what you are saying to go to the downloads preference box and in the Put New Downloads in: and type the location that I moved all my downloads from my D drive to the H drive folder that now contains these files, also to put the new folder location in the Move Completed Downloads To: the same location on the H drive. Is this correct? Is there anything else that I need to check or remove a check from in this Download tab? Also when I open Utorrent, which is on my D drive will it show the new location folder on my H drive or will it still show the folder that I originally created on my D drive?


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Well I tried a couple of the files, right clicked the file went to Advanced and Set Download Location and then found the Main folder on my H drive that I moved from my D drive and then clicked OK. Now still in the folder on my D drive the file remains there with an error still showing in the Status column. Should I now REMOVE the file from my D drive in the Utorrent Name column?

I wanted to tell you also that there are 87 files that show up with an error in the Status column. Doing these one at a time will take forever. Can I highlight several files or all of the files that have an error in the Status column and then right click and then go to advanced and then Set Download Location in order to correct this?

Now I assume that this procedure that I did is what you were referring to in your above post. Did I do what you said to do correctly? And if I did, why are these files that I did Set Download Location still showing an error in the Status column?

I did try and use the FAQ and Search but was unable to find an answer. If indeed there is a reply in either FAQ or Search could you point that out to me?


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Ok, now when I click on the icon on my desktop and Utorrent opens up, I see in the Status column 87 files that I dowloaded have an ERROR.

Originally the downloaded file went to D:\Documents and Settings\Mike\My Documents\Downloads. I then moved them to H:\Mike's UTORRENT Folder From D because I was running low on disk space on my D drive. This is where the Utorrent files now reside that I downloaded.

How do I do a "force a re-check" on the H drive?

I was hoping this would be a simple task, but as it seems to get more complicated as we progress with each reply.

The easiest thing for me to do would be to go the Utorrent icon on my desktop and click on it and then when it opens go to each file and REMOVE everyone that has an error in the Status column. This would be an easy solution, but then no one else would be able to seed from these files.

I like to seed as well as download so I don't really want to do that unless I can't resolve this problem without a time consuming project.


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If you right click, advanced, set download location... I think you can select multiple torrents at once. What pops up is the redirect dialog. Then you have to path to each file/folder. For files you can open the parent directory, but for FOLDERs of data you need to CLICK on that folder in the redirect dialog.

Depending on how many torrents you're talking about you could also check out Ultima's Bencoded File Editor which has a find/replace option and can change this pathing for you en-masse.

You will still have to go through the recheck process for all moved torrent data.

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Jewelisheaven and DreadWingKnight,

I think maybe you both are missunderstanding what I'm saying here.

First of all the file BECODED-FILE EDITOR seems to me to be a program that is used to resume files that have for some reason been stoped or not completely downloaded, hence the name resume.dat where you might get an error in the Status column.

Well, this is not my case. All the files that now have an error on them, and there are 87 files, where totally downloaded and I was seeding them.

I only have an error now since I move the directory that they were stored on from my D drive to my H drive.

I DID NOT have these errors before I moved them. They were totally downloaded and I had been seeding them for months already.

So apparently the file NAMES that are listed there when I open Utorrent does not know where they are now and that is why I'm getting errors for them in the Status column.


All I'm trying to do here is seed them so other people can get them from me.


When you right click on a file that has an error in the Status column and then click on Advance and then Set Download Location, it seems to do NOTHING. I've tried that several times and the file still shows an error in the Status column.

Also when you right click the file and then do a Force Re-Check all that seems to happen is that it moves the file higher up in the list but also does not remove the error in the Status column.

All I want to see in the Status column is SEEDING, NOT ERROR.

Not everyone who uses Utorrent knows all the tricks and the ins and outs of the program. Many times when people respond to a question they think that the person knows almost everything about the program. So for many of us out here who do not know very much about the program give a little more info and explination besides right click the file and re-set the location, because that is not all that needs to be done to remove the error. I did that and I still have the error. Nor does right clicking the file and doing redirect solve the problem either. Been there, done that, and still shows error.

I have NEVER had this problem till I moved the folder where these downloads were stored.

So I guess the easy solution, right click and then REMOVE and I guarantee you no longer will see the error, or the file either at least as far as seeding is concerned. I will

still have the file, but no one will be able get it from me.

So unless someone comes up with an easy solution that is explained in more detail, that will be my next move. Step 1 do this, step 2 do this, step 3 do this step 4 do this, and so on until the error is no longer there. If I can't get this explination, right click and then REMOVE.

You people decide the fate of these 87 files. No solution, no seed.

All I'm trying to do here is set these 87 files so that I can be seeding them again.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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... The resume.dat STORES your state in uT. If you don't believe this, try closing uT, rename both resume.dat and resume.dat.old to some other extension like .1

Upon opening uT you will see a blank main torrent pane.

You are not reading or are reading incorrectly. Where there is only a dissonance in DATA LOCATION, right click, advanced, set download location WILL FIX your "cannot find data" error. THE ONLY REASON Ultima's highly-useful BFE is mentioned is in the event you don't want to do it for (say you have thousands of torrents loaded like I do http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=289574#p289574 ) all the torrents individually.

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First, when I read something like this info, I'm reluctant to do it:


Consider this editor to be experimental. As such, you should exercise caution by backing up any files you plan on editing with this utility.


If you are editing µTorrent's .dat files with this utility, make sure you...

1) exit µTorrent before actually editing/saving the file

2) remove the .fileguard hash key in the respective file (unless you want µTorrent to complain and throw the file away...?)

If you are editing .torrent files, you might want to familiarize yourself with the metainfo structure...

- the announce/announce-list keys store the tracker list

- beware that editing anything in the info dictionary will change the .torrent file's infohash, so it should almost never be done

I'm not a programmer like you seem to be, so when I read something about a program and it gives me info like the above, I'm more than likely not going to do it. So when it say, and I quote,"beware that editing anything in the info dictionary will change the .torrent file's infohash, so it should almost never be done" I'm not doing it.

Next, you say and again I quote"right click, advanced, set download location WILL FIX your "cannot find data" error. Well, how am I supposed to know that the "ERROR:" means "cannot find data"????? There is NO explination, NO numbers, nothing but "ERROR:" I read somewhere that when you double click on the Status column it explains the ERRORS, but all the did was rearrange the list and put all the ERRORS last, but again, no explination of the "ERROR:".

So maybe the ERROR that I'm getting is not "cannot find data". I don't know because there is NO EXPLINATION of the ERROR, just the word "ERROR:"

Maybe that's why when I right click and go to advanced, set download location, I STILL have the word "ERROR:" in the file status.

IF this is in fact the "cannot find data" error, shouldn't the word "ERROR:" dissappear when the set download location is directed to the new file location?????? Explain this.

Maybe it's like the hunter saying to his dog, "You're barking up the wrong tree." Could that be what's happening here?????

Ok Jewel, if I say to you come to my house and visit me I live in Jackson, but I don't tell you what country Jackson is in or what state or what county or what road to get on and wheather to head north, south, east, or west, or how many miles to head west and then how many miles to head south and then again how many miles to head west, it may take you weeks or longer to get to my house.

This explination is a long way about getting you to be more discriptive in your explination to solve my "ERROR:" problem, besides saying "You are not reading or are reading incorrectly. Where there is only a dissonance in DATA LOCATION, right click, advanced, set download location WILL FIX your "cannot find data" error, because it DOESN"T.

I know you know everything there is to know about using Utorrent, and that you are a very intelligent programmer, but I'M NOT and I DON"T know very much about Utorrent.

Also, since you have downloaded thousands of files, I feel quite sure that sometime along the way you MOVED some of these files from their original location to another, which is all that I did. So give a DETAILED EXPLINATION on how you did that is my request to you or anyone out there who has done this.

In case you are wondering why I left so many spaces between comments and questions is so that it is EASIER to read and RESPOND to EACH one.

You may also have noticed that MY post have been somewhat lengthy and winded. This is done so that you can better understand MY situtation and problems more thoroughly.

So I say to you, hey Jewel, come visit me, I live in Jackson. Lots of luck. Should I hold my breath to you get to my house????


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After you change the location and make sure it's correct, pressing START in the toolbar or the context menu will remove the error message. It is correct sometimes there is no explanation of the error, but from your description of the problem that is why the help was given along those lines.

It is perfectly understandable to not want to mess with the system files for uT without knowing what you are doing. That is not unreasonable or illogical. However there really is no point to quote the thread here... pointing out specific points would be useful though if you're having trouble using it. You can do this through "" or [noparse]

[/noparse] blocks.

So... to verify the problem you are having is the data location merely changing places, can you do as instructed?

1) Right click on a torrent to bring up the menu

2) Go to Advanced, then Set Download Location

3) Path to the NEW location for the file, and click the file to be sure. Double click or say OK

4) Start the torrent, OR right click force recheck. The difference here is if you got the wrong location START will immediately start downloading whereas the recheck procedure while stopped allows you to repath AGAIN to get it right.

5) If a new error appears hopefully it is not a blank "ERROR:" message.

Btw, c/o http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060922082640AAzO125 nice analogy ;) And there are at least 10 Jacksons... Jackson, MS Hinds County; Jackson, TN Madison County; Jackson, MI Jackson County; Jackson, AL Clarke County; Jackson, MO Cape Girardeau County; Jackson, OH Jackson County; Jackson, WY Teton County; Jackson, CA Amador County; Jackson, GA Butts County; Jackson, KY Breathitt County

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