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See torrent files from any user


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I'm new in downloading using torrents ans I have a simple - I guess - question.

I use to login with 2 different usernames in my pc and I want to work and see my torrent files no matter from which user I login.

And if I start a new torrent diwnload from usera, when I logout and login as userb, the download to continue from the point it stoped.

How can I do this?

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Just run utorrent in a folder of your joice (not installed!), f.e. "C:\utorrent".

To do that, change to your %appdata% folder (as user A), move/copy all files there to "C:\utorrent".

So in future you start the utorrent.exe in that folder as user A and also as user B.

Reason: normally (at installation of utorrent) all those files are in %appdata%, which is different for user A and user B.

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Thank you both.

I followed your advice.

When it started as UserB the program saw my files BUT ...

it complains that it can't open Windows Firewall (XP SP2) and the download can't be done.

Some additional info:

1) UserA has administrator rights but UserB, not.

2) I created an exception to Windows Firewall for Utorrent using the port that Utorrent uses (no, I haven't click the option to randomize port on every start) and I opened the port to my rooter, too.

3) UserB has full permissions in c:\program files\Utorrent (the folder where I moved my files from %appdata%\utorrent and in which the utorrent.exe exists)

4) UserB has full permissions in the folder where the downloaded files exist

Any ideas?

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