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how to change http://localhost:port/gui into /myname in this newest v.


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i have many user in my computer each use one port for utorrent such as

user1: use port 11000

user2: use port 11001

user3: use port 11002

user4: use port 11003

and i use appache 2.2 to forward port to port 80

by this "ProxyPass /gui http://localhost:11001/gui"

that one user can be use at "http://ip/gui/"

how to change "http://ip/gui" into "http://ip/user1" in this newest version of web ui

i change three word of "gui" in script.js but that result in blank page

how can i solve multi user for 80 port by appache 2.2

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.htaccess i've used follow ur comment but it can't forward port to 80 .htaccess can only rename hard or long URL to easy

i have heard someone can rename /gui/ in script.js in to /name/ BY "antiism"


If you want to use a location other than /gui/, like /utorrent/, then change the lines in the httpd.conf to:

ProxyPass /utorrent http://localhost:[port]/gui

ProxyPassReverse /utorrent http://localhost:[port]/gui

and then go to C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\uTorrent\webui.zip. Go through all of the javascript files in there and replace "/gui/" with "/utorrent/".

You won't be able to access the webui from the normal port anymore (it will hang at log in), but when you go to http://localhost/utorrent/ it will work like normal.


but have result in Blank page Who can solve this error?

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