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utorrent 1.8 beta WebUI issues


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Hey all,

I just upgraded to the latest Firefox 3 build (FF3 beta 5), and utorrent's WebUI is no longer working. I had my webui bookmarked, so I know that nothing has changed. The username and password is also the same, and my external IP Address has not changed. Any ideas? Is the webui incompatible with FF3 for some reason?

I aslo tried it in Safari and no luck either. There must be a problem with my configuration of the webui and utorrent 1.8 beta. Anyone else having these webui issues after the upgrade to utorrent 1.8?


UPDATE: Using the modified webui from computerwolf has solved the webui issue. Thanks for the help.

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Current WebUI does not support many browsers. This is listed in the sticky http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=33186

The in-development build (not released to public) does not have these limitations. Additionally you will find other customized builds in the WebUI forum which may work. I have not tested them all, only the multi-language one, in-fact.

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