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my dowload slow! i tried everythin! change my prefences??


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ok i went to youtube and i did what they told me to change my prefences and all but what happened was CRAP!!! it didn't do anything in fact i think it made it even more slower it use to be like 10% an hour now its 1% per hour!!! im downloading a movie... can anyone please tell me what right numbers to put.

seeds 4(118)

Peers 8(206)

downspeed 7.2kb/s

upspeed 6.4kb/s

i don't know what to do!!! i mean i even did speed check!!! n my speed check was

download speed 644kb/s

and upload is 62 kb/s

im in broadband btw

pls.... i know that im missing somethung that can make my downloading faster

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