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Speed stucked when using optimized setting (Speed guide).


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Speed stucked when using optimized setting (Speed guide).

My ISP is Bellsouth, and from what I heard, they have no problems with torrent.

My problem is quite simple, anytime i used the optimized setting of uTorrent, my speed can't get higher than 100KB/s. My internet speed is 6Mbps/512Kbps. I used speedtest to test the internet speed, and it reported correct speed.


The upload speed seem not right, but I think it maybe because the test server.

So my upload speed is /512Kbps, and I used this setting xx/512Kbps, right? Then it limited my upload speed to 47KB/s. But then my download speed hardly get over 100KB/s with this setting. I downloaded alot of anime, applications, and movies, and it all the same. So I tried to reduce upload speed to 30KB/s. My download speed inreased significantly. from 90-100KB/s -> 300-400KB/s. I even added another torrent, and the total download speed went up to 550-650KB/s.

I don't have NAT problem, I already configed my router, i have green Icon, and the port forwarding test said the port is OK (Open).

And I made sure that the download speed wasn't limited, and no, it wasn't.

The Optimized setting set my upload speed to 47KB/s, and download speed is unlimted.

Another problem is, I downloaded alot of popular torrents with thousand of seeds, or seedx2 peers. the speed never get over 300KB/s (with limited 30KB/s upload speed), I thought maybe due the high traffic due the day time. So I tried to add another torrent with around 70 Seeds, and 40 Peers, and that torrent was downloading at 200KB/s. So it mean i have no traffic problems with my internet. Maybe just a guess, but I think my download speed is limited by my upload speed, and there is a bug with the optimized setting. Or maybe I need some better setting from proffessionals here.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you. :)

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If you don't get > 100 KiBps on http://slackware.com/torrents/ bellsouth is lying to you telling you they don't affect bittorrent traffic. In this case you can use post #2 of Ultima's How-To for Troubleshooting to see if you can get past this 1 Mbit shaping profile.

As Firon says you are overloading your upload. If you test this for yourself, you will also see your download speed for the slackware torrent VARY based upon how much you are uploading simultaneously. It's easiest to test this with a torrent you are only seeding.

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