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Lots In Swarm Only Connect To A Few


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Hi you lot

My first post so hello to you all.

Recently I have had no problems and downloads were reasonbly fast so I had no complaints. Until recently...At present I have a torrent with seeds 17(2045) and peers 10 (1506) downloading at 6.5kB/s....is this pants or what.

I recently upgraded to version 1.7.7 so I am unsure if this has had anything to do with it. Unfortunately I can't remember the settings I had in PREFERENCES (plus I have played about a bit with them but to no avail, hence they have changed)

My upload speed (done at speedtest.net) is 379kbps and download of 3685kbps.

I have the GREEN light to tell me the port is forwarded correctly, as is Windows Firewall.

All I am after is the optimal settings for upload speeds (Options/Speed Guide) and Preferences/BitTorrent/global maximum number of connections, maximum no of connected peers/torrent and number upload slots per torrent.

Or is there something fundamentaly wrong that I am doing/not doing to achieve the number of connected peers. Like I said before moving to 1.7.7 it was fine.

Thanks in advance for any help

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