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[TUT] Fixing Utorrent with BitDefender


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Fixing Utorrent with BitDefender

Created by IP-Drowner


This tutorial will teach you how to reach better download speeds using Utorrent if you have BitDefender security enabled. This applies tall BitDefender versions that contain the firewall.


When you start Utorrent for the first time with BitDefender, always press allow. These steps below will help increase your download speed, these ways were only tested on Windows Vista, but should also allow other systems that run Utorrent to work as-well.


[li]Right click the BitDefender tray icon and select Open Advanced Settings.[/li]

[li]Select the Firewall icon from the right side menu.[/li]

[li]Go to the Traffic tab and you should see Utorrent.[/li]

[li]Right click Utorrent and select Edit Rule[/li]

[li]In the first drop down box, select Any.[/li]

[li]In the second drop down box, select Allow.[/li]

[li]Click Advanced.[/li]

[li]With the Direction drop down box, select Both.[/li]

[li]With the Source Address and Destination Address drop down boxes, select Any.[/li]

[li]Click the OK button.[/li]

[li]Select OK again from the first window.[/li]

[li]Once you're in the BitDefender control panel again, select the Advanced tab.[/li]

[li]Under Settings, un-check Stealth Mode.[/li]

[li]Check the Apply the same (generic) profile to all networks.[/li]

[li]Press the Close button.[/li]

[li]Open Utorrent.[/li]

[li]Right-click the file you're downloading.[/li]

[li]Select High from the Bandwidth Allocation area.[/li]

[li]Make sure that the Upload Limit is set to 200-250kb.[/li]

[li]Make sure that the Download Limit is set to 400-600kb.[/li]

[li]Open the folder that displays the network you're connected to.[/li]

[li]Right click it and select properties.[/li]

[li]Uncheck Bitdefender Firewall from the settings.[/li]

[li]Select Apply then press OK.[/li][/ol]

That should increase your download and upload speed if you're using BitDefender as computer protection.


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Fixed up the list BBCode. I know you intended for it to be numbered (would be doable with [noparse][ol][/ol][/noparse]), but it's pretty unusable at the moment, since it uses Roman numerals. I've bugged Firon about changing it, though. That's done

I'll copy it to the firewall thread and link to this thread. Thanks for the detailed guide!

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