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Speed Change Command line Utility


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This is a commandline drivin AutoIt script to help control the speed limits and other settings of uTorrent for

the purpose of advance scheduling or automation when used with winodws task scheduler, batch files, shortcuts or another program.

Download: http://teammc.cc/utorrent


Welcome To TeamMC!!!

WebSite: http://TeamMC.cc

E-Mail: john@teammc.cc

Program WebSite: http://teammc.cc/utorrent

Program Version: / 20100208

Related Project: uTorrent LanManager (http://teammc.cc/utorrent - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=391389)

uTorrent Website: http://www.utorrent.com

uTorrent Project Topic: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=38511

uTorrent Version: 1.8.x to 2.1.0

If You Dont Know About AutoIT Check It Out At http://autoitscript.com


utspeed.exe - The program executable, execute this with parameters to adjust the settings of utorrent.

utspeed.ini - (Optional) This is the settings INI file, its name should be the same as the above exe file except with

the ini extention, this file is optional, the user/pass/ip/port can be placedin the command line.

utspeed-test.bat - (Testing File) An example of how to use utspeed.exe, this example requires you to configure the INI file first.

Folder "src" - (Source Files) These are the source files.

=====uTorrent Settings=====

uTorrents WebUI needs to be enabled before the use of this application, to do this:

1) Goto the settings menu and click on the Web UI option.

2) Check 'Enable Web UI' and configure a Username and Password

3) Check 'Alternative Listening Port' and change the port to something random (8080 is often fine but a 'first stop' for an attacker)

4) Click Ok and then use the same settings when you use utspeed.exe, the host will be the address of the computer with uTorrent (localhost for the same computer)


When you execute utspeed.exe and a settings INI file doesnt exist, just include the settings in the command line:

utspeed.exe /user admin /pass 1234 /ip /port 8900 /max_dl_rate 300 /max_ul_rate 20 /conns_globally 230

Or If the INI file is setup with the proper host/port and user/pass then you dont need to include them in the command line:

utspeed.exe /max_dl_rate 300 /max_ul_rate 20 /conns_globally 230

Note: switches are passed "raw" to uTorrents WebUI, so no error checking exists, currently only "setsetting" type options will work

Some Switches:









/sched_enable 1/0







*Added: Token Auth Support!

*Changed: Error messages will once again stop the script, but will timeout and continue again after 5 minutes

*Chnaged: A few readme updates


*Changed: Tweaked ReadMe

*Fixed: Error Messages No Longer Stop The Program From Continuing

*KNOWN ISSUE: Token_auth unsupported


*Changed: Updated instruction

*Changed: Minor code tweaks


*Added: WebUI Functionality

*Added: Load WebUI Address/Port/UserName/Password From Command Line Or .INI


*Version Using Direct Control Of uTorrent Being The Last Version To Not Use The WebUI

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No Way!

Awww, it only messes with those two preferences... I was hoping you made it configurable for different things which aren't already implemented in the scheduler, like connections per torrent and global. :(

It's still useful for people who... want to change their limits on the fly I guess and don't want to use the tray icon or the main GUI. Thanks for making the utility available ;)

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I wont actually use it, but as a suggestion, change upload slots as well? I think, a change in upload should be accompanied by a change in slots. I've heard µT prevents terrible upload slotting, but I don't know to what extent. The schedular used to do this, I have to wonder why it was removed..

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Are you saying it wasn't intentional? In that case, maybe it was like the case of the missing verbosity in the RSS logging. One moment...

Sorry, I can't find it, I think it may have been a 1.6-1.7 beta build or something.

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I don't see any changes is all:

(build 402) - Change: Scheduler limit doesn't apply if in turn-off mode.

(build 402) - Feature: Setting to enable/disable DHT when scheduler turns off.

(build 411) - Fix: Stop ALL torrents when scheduler is active.

(build 417) - Feature: Added scheduler mode to seed only (hold Shift button)

(build 431) - Feature: Added popup menu to easily change if the scheduler/dht is enabled.

(build 453) - Feature: Enable scheduler from tray

(build 463) - Fix: Shift+Click now works properly in scheduler.

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Yeah, it's wierd, I burned through most of the builds on filehippo and couldn't find it. Keep in mind that the change logs aren't always complete :/. Side note, my connecting to some sites problem is getting really bad, especially this forum, I'm gonna need to make a call :(.

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added those new options, let me know if its any good

this topic doesnt seem popular or atleast no one is finding it, but if anyone is interested in this program and it doesnt work as is for you, email me and ill work to change it, but im not going to watch this thread any more... jmclaren7@hotmail.com

updated read first post

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Thanks a lot!

I love this script!

I am currently writing a batch file to slow down utorrent if any other pc is using firefox, and this script is just what I need. So far it is working well.

changing the maximum number of active downloads and maximum number of active torrents would be a nice addition.

another thing that would be neat but probably too complicated: restoring settings to their original values. This way I could change the normal settings in utorrent, and they would not be overwritten when the script switches them to the limited settings and back.

i.e. a switch "-store file.x" to save current connection settings, and a switch "-load file.x" to load them again.

However this would probably involve screen scraping and be beyond the scope of a simple script.

And enabling/disabling the scheduler works mostly the same, as long as I do not change connected peers or slots


After a while of thinkering I came to the conclusion that the utorrent web ui might be better suited for this sort of remote control

The script is pretty nice, but there may be some fundamental problems like focus and screen updates with this method of input.

I switched to using wget for this stuff:

wget "http://WEBUI-USER:WEBUI-PASSWORD@localhost:WEBUI-PORT/gui/?action=setsetting&s=sched_enable&v=0" -q -O-

The above line switches of the scheduler

instead of "&s=sched_enable&v=0" other example parameters include:


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I totally agree, i read you post a while back and for anyone whos interested im planning out a fairly airtight script that would use the webui in place of direct control, however ill continue support for the direct control script.

this new script could be very useful, i have what most would consider a large home network, using this method i plan to create a script that could be used on another network PC as well, so lets say the default speeds of utorrent are unlimited/unlimited then when someone starts moving their mouse on any PC it drops to 400/40, their could be many options for triggers some less sensitive like whenever IE/FF are actively in use plus an option for a user to request x time of slow speed.

The above would fit seamlessly aside a program to consolidate all of a networks torrent usage to one PC, in place of having uTorrent installed on a 2nd PC, a small app is installed that transmits the torrent file to the primary pc, where presumably the torrent completed folder would be shared.

comments / suggestions?


I havnt been able to find a documentation about the webui parameters, i asume you got them from viewing them in your browser, anyway idea how we could find out how the webui send the URL for add torrent?

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Thanks, dont know how i missed it =/

im having an issue figuring out this cookie thing, if a torrent download needs your system to have a cookie stored on it from the prior page or whatever, how would a script identify the cookie... i might be able to figure this out i guess if someone could give me muliple examples of sites that use this method

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sorry but no, Autoit is a windows scripting language, if you explain exactly what your trying to accomplish i might be able to make a suggestion: apple script can get most any job done, the only thing that might be hard is making a script thats compatible with token auth.

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