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Another waiting to log in...


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OK first of all sorry to all and any who no doubt are sick of this kind of post...

but here's the thing.

I've been using uTorrent for ages and think it's great.

I'm no techie though. I figured out long ago that I had to forward a port to the router (I know how to do that) and configure the firewall correctly (if using one.) After that I just did lots of downloading and never changed the settings again.

Anyway I had to go along with a big reinstall of Windows last week and then do all the tedious reinstalling of my favorite apps, including uTorrent. And now I can't get uTorrent to function, it just tells me it's 'waiting to log in' the whole time.

I'm using AVG Free, only the Windows Firewall (at the mo, and yes I've checked the box to add uTorrent to the exceptions), I'm damn sure I've forwarded the port correctly just as I have before and I'm completely clueless and frustrated as to why I'm getting no joy here, so if any wise one can help and/or advise I'd be mega-grateful.

I'm using the latest version of uTorrent btw, (1.7.7) and I'm also an eMule user and that seems to be working as it should, so why the hell isn't uTorrent?

Please help me out, many thanks in advance.

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That's amazing! I downloaded that manual, ran the speed guide to check that the port was open (it was), and suddenly my uTorrent decided it was working!

But I didn't change ANY SETTINGS AT ALL! So I conclude that the downloaded file itself thus proves the existence and workability of magic.

Anyway thanks for the help Firon, I'm happy again.

To anyone else with a problem, follow his advice and download the manual. It's magic! Just having it on your PC may fix your problem!

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