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Torrent downloads / uploads, can't browse the web or play games.


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My problem in detail:

- My torrent can download / upload data.

- My internet browsing capabilities are gone, I can't play video games nor use my iPod Touch to use internet via Wi-Fi.

My Specs:

- Charter 10mb/1mb

- P4 2.8ghz , 1gb ram

- Windows XP Pro (SP2)

I tried turning off uTorrent (closing the software) and a few minutes later internet works. I run uTorrent back on again and then my internet stops working. In the meanwhile, uTorrent is still downloading / uploading.

What gives?

- I forwarded my ports.

- I can reach up to 980 kbps / 110 kbps for the download / upload but I cannot use anything BUT bittorrent.

- I set the upload speed to 40kbps just to see if that was slowing down my connection.

- It doesn't seem to be working because it still shows in the browser "Server Not Found".

If someone could help me then that would be great.

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