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D Link wireless adapter WDA 2320 has made my download rate slow


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Hi all, I would like some assistance please.

Now I have read about ISPs throttling with torrents but it isn't the case with me.

I am under Bell Sympatico DSL and I use to obtain this connection through a wireless USB Adapter until recently, it just stop functioning. I decided to buy a D-Link WDA-2320 rangebooster desktop adapter and I had it installed properly and updated the driver. I do not have a router, I just have the wireless modem provided to me by bell.

I run windows vista business and these are the specs to my computer.

Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2GHz

2 GB ram

160GB Hard drive

256 Nvidia Graphic Card

Now here's the problem, when my USB wireless adapter was still functional, I used to get download rates between 200-250Kbps whether my upload rate was 10Kbps or 20Kbps. The point is since I decided to change my wireless adapter to the D-Link one, i haven't been able to reach a download speed of 50Kbps.

This is what I think may be the problem, if there is somebody else with better knowledge please assist me. It would be much appreciated.

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I threw a D-Link 130 into this box so I could access my 2Wire gateway, rather than pulling the NIC out of the old box that this one sits on top of. I know, sort of lame but they are in a huge heavy desk. The point is, that regardless of which box I use - this 1.8 GHz Pentiun Dual OR the old box, which is a fully functional Pentium III 450, I get the SAME speeds up and down. The only advantage I get with this newer box is I can run more stuff at once. Both are running XP Pro SP2. The old computer runs our home security system and still does just fine. I ran older versions of uTorrent on it and never had any problems. It hated iTunes and hated Azureus and any other Java ap that it encountered, but what I am saying is, that I get the same speeds off my DSL with half the processor speed (double the RAM however). I don't think it is the wireless adapter. Granted mine is a bit different model - cheapest one from Circuit City. Oh, and another oddity. The third computer attached to the 2Wire Gateway is a laptop that is on a domain, made for some crazy configs, let me tell you since it needs to run a corporate VPN client, which requires DMZ mode (for that connection only) and IT runs uTorrent just fine as well.

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