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I have a question about privacy and the ip filter.

I understand the ip filter blocks all attempts to incoming and outgoing connections to this blocked ip in utorrent.

The tracker first sends my ip:port to the client that I want to block by using the utorrent's ip filter:

1) Can he know how many percentage of the files I have ? (Even he cannot get the files)

2) This information is supplied by the tracker or the 'unwanted' client must connect to my ip:port to know it? (and there, he will be blocked by ip filter)?

I hope that is understandable ...

Thank you.

ps: Am i in the good topic ?

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The tracker supplies your ip+port to other peers and seeds.

There may be a way for them to know if you're seeding or not...but not specifically what files you have or the percentage you're at if you're still a peer.

They can still try to connect to you even if ipfilter.dat blocks them...this may at least reveal if a computer exists at that ip. Circumstantial evidence...but they don't need absolute proof except in criminal cases.

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