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Torrents dissapeared after windos crash


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Hi, i had a few torrents downloading fine and some other seeding, after a windows crash they all dissapeared from the UTorrent interfase but remain on the disk (i had their space reserved)

I checked the paths, they are ok, so are the drive letters and the categories list show zero in all of them...

Is there any way to force Utorrent to check disks for incompleted tasks or any other function that could help recover the files that where being downloaded and seeded ?

Thanks in advance


Edit: Forgot to mention that there's plenty HD space...

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Worked like charm !... thanks a lot, weird thing i didnt noticed it since i've gone trough the FAQ before asking...

Anyway the title in the post is quite clear for the search engine to find and should prevent any other post regarding the same "problem"...

Again... thanks a lot for answering so quickly...

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