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"Unable to save the resume file." -> What triggers that error?


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I'm running uTorrent on Linux in the wine emulator.

I'm getting "Unable to save the resume file. Another program might have the file open, or the disk is full."

Does anyone have any idea what could be triggering that error (other than a full disk)?

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I'll ask the wine people how to find %AppData%. I'll report back here just in case I'm not the only person who runs uTorrent in wine...

EDIT: You can check the value by running:

wine cmd /c echo %AppData%

For me, it was blank.

You can set it by running:

AppData="c:\..." wine ".../uTorrent.exe"

Note the lack of anything between setting the variable and running wine.

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Disk is not full over 100gig free.

Are you running uT self-contained or from %APPDATA%\uTorrent? self contained I think.

How often does it happen? Everytime I close the program

How long does it take to say "resume file saved successfully"? Right away

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