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Memory and CPU ramp up after adding port forwarding


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Hi, this is my first post and first time using utorrent, I am very keen to fix this problem and get using utorrent :-)

After installing and getting slow downloading and the NAT ERROR message I have read through the forum and FAQ and realised I need to add port forwarding to my router.

Following the portforward.com site I have added the required settings to my router, upon restarting utorrent after a few seconds utorrent starts using 90%+ of the CPU and the memory usage start increasing until the PC locks up, as I watch task manager the memory usage increases each second.

If I restart the PC and remove the port forwarding from the router and restart utorrent all is ok apart from the slow downloading and NAT ERROR message, add port forwarding again and the same thing happens again.

Could anyone give me any ideas why this is happening and what I could try to fix it ?

Here's the details of my PC etc:

AMD XP2400

768Mb RAM

Windows 2000 professional SP4

A/V - McAfee Enterprise 8.0.0

Firewall - Zonealarm 6.0.667.000

Router - Thompson Speedtouch 510

utorrent 1.3

Enable Upnp - not ticked

Port - 32459

Many Thanks

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There may be a lightweight software firewall included with your AV software.

Running 2 software firewalls at once can cause CPU useage to rise...

Also, I've seen numerous reports that Zone Alarm is a very bad choice for using with file-sharing. It simply cannot handle lots of connections + lots of packets per second without problems.

Have you scanned for spyware or improperly uninstalled software on your computer lately?

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That thing about ZoneAlarm was partially true with the older versions, but as of 6.x, it seems to be handling P2P much better (or so I've read in a lot of places already). Personally, I've never had any problems with any version of ZoneAlarm when it came to P2P, though.

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Thanks for the replies.

I've checked the antivirus logs and it has been blocking utorrent - "utorrent.exe Prevent IRC communication"

I have disabled that part of the A/V and applied the port forwarding and the same problem is still occuring :-(

As a test I tried downloading the openoffice torrent that people recommend as a test and the download speed was fine even without the port forwarding working ?

Checked for spyware and nothing was found.


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