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Clarification required! {pics supplied}


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A picture is worth a 1000 words right, i thought because im having trouble, if i supplied my preferences pics, someone might b able to point out what i am doing wrong?






Download speed = ~6447kb

Upload speed = ~370kb

modem/router = billion bipac 7300g

...pending posting of log files

also, how do i post full sized pictures as thumbnails?

if anyone can point out why my download speed is quite bad, id be very appreciative.

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cheers man =D make an immediate slight difference, ill report back after i hav observed it a little more. I kept the upload max at 300 since its ~ 80% of my total upload.

Also, I kept 125 # connection peers per torrent, and 500 global max.

Is this all ok?

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Someone said they had a Billion router awhile back here...and had trouble when they had more than ~100 connections at once.

Bits are not BYTES!

uTorrent reports speeds in KiloBYTES/sec.

Speed measurements are in kilobits/sec or megabits/sec.

~370 kilobits/sec is ~46 KiloBYTES/sec theoretical maximum...of which anywhere from 70% to 90% of that is usable speed in uTorrent.

That's why in EVERY one of your screenshots the upload speed never tops 44 KiloBYTES/sec.

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