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Better To "Stop" or "Error" Out After Share Ratio Reached?


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Okay, got a question and I hope I explain this right.

I download and I believe in allowing my share ratio to reach at least the 1.0 to be fair. Now my question is this: I understand that having good share ratios is a good thing, although I don't know what it helps. I CANNOT keep all my files on my system or I run out of room. So I need to delete some after I reach my share of 1.0.

Is it better to let it reach 1.0 and then hit STOP so it leaves a checkmark by it or is it better to just delete it and get the red X where it shows ERROR: FILES MISSING? I'm asking this as it pertains to building up whatever it is you should do by at least sharing your 1:1 ratio. Or does it not even matter?

I guess that's my first question and the second would be is there a benefit other than being fair, of course, to having the files stay listed in uTorrent with the 1:1 share ratio? I mean, do you gain better speed? Do you get priority bandwidth?

Hope I explained this right.

Nice to be here in the forums!

G :)

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Whether you remove the files or stop the torrent manually doesn't make that much of a difference, though you should probably stop it, since it's more "proper" and "graceful" (and you might not even be able to remove the files all the time if µTorrent hasn't stopped the torrent, and is actually using the files you're trying to delete). That's all assuming you've shared back as much as you could.

The 1.0 ratio doesn't have a direct consequence on your speeds. It's mainly about courtesy -- after all, where did you get your data from? From other people who are courteous enough to share the data with you.

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Exactly right about the courtesty. That's why I stated many times in my post about being fair and sharing at LEAST 1:1. But when you're d/l movies, etc., hard drives fill up pretty fast. So I always let it get to at least 1:1, if not more, and then usually stop it unless I have nothing downloading. Then I delete from my computer. When I see ones that have hardly anyone sharing, I leave them on there just because I know they were difficult for me to get and so I want to make it easier for someone else. Yes, all about being fair. That Karma is a good thing!!

Thanks for your response.


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