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00ber slow speeds, and i dunno whats wrong


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hey evry1

i am having some serious problems that showed up basically overnight..

i used to get 60 kb/s download speeds (sad i know but the next part is worse); now i get around 3 - 15 kb/s.. WTH happened???

i have UPNP mapping as well as NAT-PMP mapping enabled, and i usually use the xx/256 settings cuz that seems to be average fromm speed tests...

i mean, this used to work perfectly and i was happy enough with 60kb/s ,but all of a sudden everything's screwed up... i have tried some things like portforward.com's guides, but they dont work for me at all


OMG i cant describe in words how annoyed i am... if someone could please help me, that would be extremely appreciated

if you can, please ask for my email and i can give u all details u need to help me....

Thanks in advance pplz :)



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