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uTorrent crashing every 15 mins


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I have a problem with uTorrent, and every other trackers too it would seem, but i prefer uTorrent so I'll start to ask around here.

uTorrent and every other program using torrents crashes like every 15 mins or so on my computer, I have NO idea why this is so I would really appreciate some help :(

You can see how this is very annoying since I cant dl something when Im away and if I want to play some game meanwhile i download I get kicked out of it every time the program crashes.

Im using WinXp and when my firend use his uTorrent program on the same connection I dont crash.

Help please?

I also noted that it created a .dmp file on my desctop, does this help at all? :(

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This problem isn't really related to this client since you've stated that it happens with other clients aswell.

Have you checked your computer for viruses/trojans and stuff like that lately? You might also want to run a chkdsk /f c: from a command prompt to make sure that there's no corrupt files/sectors on your harddrive.

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