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connection problems with linksys


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heres what i have:

linksys befsr41 v4 firm 1.04.09

utorrent 1.6.1

winxp sp2

I have follwed all setup instructions(from this site and several others) for router and prgm and firewall. I had to set port forwarding to get a good connection. but as soon as I start utorrent and it become active my router seems to cycle everyonce in a while the lights on the front flash power light flashes I get a message telling me that I have lost the connection. then It comes back on the whole cycling process last maybe a couple of seconds. It only happens when I have forwarding on and utorrent. I also tried another bittorrent client (bitcomet) I couldnt get good connection until i forward but once I did the same thing happens.

I tried linksys support and they wanted me to update firmware but I have the latest and enable MTU and set it at 1480 which should match the setting for the PC

Im stuck for answers any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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The reason it won't stay up when you forward the port is that creates more connections. People can now connect through the linksys, and on lower-end routers this is a problem. You must lower your connections like GTHK says. This will prolong time between the reset but if checking the linksys sticky didn't help you will have to live with it. Many routers aren't made to handle the volumes of connections p2p creates.

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