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Slow browsing and network when using torrent


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I have major problems with my home network and browsing when utorrent is turned on. This happens with every combination of the following components -> ISP: 1&1, Telekom Router: Linksys DD-WRT, Linksys GX2?!, Zyxel and different PCs.

Bandwidth/Max Cons/Ping tests come out okay, but sites take really long time to open, sometimes up to 1 minute. utorrent also won't work well anymore. I tried everything from the troubleshooting faq here in the forum.

Connections used never go above 50% in the network monitor of the router. I disabled any firewall or blocking device in the router menu.

I saw this problem coming up for many people and as I far as I googled it, there nevewr was a real solution for it. All of the network is slowing down and utorrent also won't work properly then.

Hope someone can help me here. Thanks!

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Ultima's How-To for Troubleshooting

If the problem is related to uT the solution is to lower your settings. If it's not uT then you need to get more reliable hardware. If it's not the hardware (you connect directly to the ISP) you need to make sure you're running for the correct linespeed.

Some more information would be useful, like your Speed Guide (Ctrl-G) settings, your speedtest results, and whether you still have problems with uT turned off.

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I'm already down to 100 global connections in utorrent. Which is already pretty low? I have very good h/w (Intel Ethernet, Intel Core Duo2, 2GB Ram, different very good routers). Upload is limited to 35kB/s in utorrent

Speedtest gives the following results: 670kB/s down _ 65kB/s up _ 998 conns per min. _ 42ms ping

Problems disappear when utorrent is turned off.

Edit: tried Ultima's guide already without success

Edit2: Even the connection to the router is slowed down, almost if the whole system or the router is about to lock up

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